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You can't beat our bait!

Big John's Master Bait & Lodging, in bucolic Fayetteville, features 25 boat storage units, a bait and convenience store. A restaurant serving hot pizza and "grab and go" snacks and cold beverages, is currently under construction and licensing planning to formally open Winter 2023. 


Built in 1920, a charming Fayette County landmark that stands just steps away from the shores of 2,000 acre Lake Fayette, is coming back to life. The property will be transformed into a fisherman's paradise, complete with bait store, boat storage, kayak rentals and fishing tours.



Reserve one of our three well-appointment fishing cabins, equipped with A/C, a mini fridge and a shared bathroom and shower room. These cabins stand just steps away from the shores of 2,000 acre Lake Fayette, and will soon be a bait and convenience store, boat storage, kayak rental and restaurant.

We're working hard to get all the amenities rockin' and rollin', but for now, you can stay with us in one of our cabins, use the storage facilities and rent kayaks. You can even take a guided tour of Lake Fayette on one of our fishing boats!

Looking forward to making this a memorable destination for your future fishing adventures on Lake Fayette!


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